Why Short Term Car Leasing is right for you?

Why Short Term Leasing is Right for You?

Easy to order & Flexibility in the Contract

Our sales team are on hand to help and assist you with your next 12 month car lease. Everyone is different, be it a business or an individual and we will work with you to establish your situation and find the make, model or type o vehicle to suit your needs best.

We offer a wide range of vehicles on both flexible and fixed 12 month car leses, but we also have access to 3, 6, 7, 9 and 18 month contracts, as well as a wide range of Car Subscriptions and Long Term Car Rental options.

Once you have ordered a vehicle from ourselves, we will then arrange delivery of your new car, free of charge anywhere in England or Wales. 

When you are nearing the end of the contract, our team will be in touch to discuss options. At this point you can return the car back to our specified de-fleet centre free of charge, ot for a fee we can collect the car. If you have ordered another vehicle with ourselves, then we will delivery the new car and take it away for free.

As per the BVRLA code of conduct, we use a collection agent who will do a walkaround inspection of the vehicle. ALL VEHICLES will be subject to a more in-depth inspection and this is what we base our final bills on for damage and excess mileage.

Financial and Flexibility

2, 3 and 4 year contracts seem like a long time and a lot can change in the world in that time. Whilst these longer term contracts can seem cheaper, if you need to terminate the vehicle earlier then they can become quite costly.

A 12 month car lease, offers the flexibility of having to commit to a shorter time for not much more money. It gives you the peace of mind that if your situation changes or business takes a sudden turn, that you won’t have large termination fees on your lease. 

We also now offer a flexible 12 month car lease, guaranteeing you a car for 1 year but with the ability to send the car back without any termination or settlement fees. You just need to make sure that you return the car in the correct standard.

Another huge benefit to 1 year car leases, is the fact that all of the cars are brand new and include roadside assistance, road tax and manufacturers warranty, so if there are any issues with the vehicle, it will be covered.

Expat and Non-Status

12 Month Car Leases are available to Expat and Non-Status customers, give you more options than ever to run a new or nearly new vehicle. All of the applications are underwritten by experienced advisers and affordability and stability i key for getting a credit line with us.

If you are Expat or an overseas visitor coming to the UK, you won’t have a credit status in the UK. We carry out checks in your home country, employment and financial checks to get you a credit line.

Non-Status or new start business? Then we offer vehicles to people and businesses that fall into this category every single week. Even if you have bad credit, CCJ’s or ex-bankrupt, we could still help you.

Family Owned Business

We are a family owned business and part of Cocoon Group Ltd in Belper, Derbyshire. We’ve been established since 2007 and offering short term car leases since this date.

Being family owned, we value customer service and whilst not the cheapest we are one of the fairest when it comes to working with us.

We are members of the BVRLA and follow their code of conduct to the letter and we are also FCA registered and keep our subscriptions up to date with the ICO.



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