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We answer the most asked frequently asked questions about 12 month car leases, short term car leasing and who we are. If you have a question, please contact us via our CONTACT US page or use QUICK ENQUIRY at the top of this page.

Who can apply for a 12 month car lease?

Anyone can apply for a 12 month car lease, we look at all circumstances and it doesn’t matter if you have a credit score of 999 or 500. 

If you are classed as non-status, a new start business or you have got bad credit, please do let our sales team know. Our specialist underwriters have a different process.

If you need a Non-Status Car Lease, then the biggest factor of our underwriting checks is affordability. When they offer you a credit line, they will usually set a limit of the amount you can spend on a monthly basis.

You may also be restricted to certain cars, this could be down to the individual supplier or risk factors.

The terms offered may differ from those advertised on the website. Usually doc fee’s for Non-status is higher and at the moment this is approx. £275 plus VAT. We may ask for a higher initial rental, a refundable deposit, or a guarantee. 

However, the monthly rental will never be higher that that advertised.

How quickly can I get a car?

If you are a New Customer, then you should expect most of our vehicles between 1-3 weeks from the point of the order form and holding fee having been received.

If you are an existing customer and the new vehicle is replacing your current car, then we always aim to deliver the same day for a seamless swapover. We will also collect your existing vehicle for free if you have replaced your contract.

If you are an existing customer and this is an additional short term car, then we will send out contracts, request payment and deliver as soon as the car becomes available.

Do you carry out credit checks?

Yes, we have to carry out credit checks to comply with anti-money laundering and the FCA. However, don’t let this put you off applying.

Our underwriters not only look at your credit score, but use affordability as the main factor of the acceptance.

We look after a large number of non-status car lease customers, all of which are happy with their cars and service offered.

If you are non-status, the terms may differ from those advertised on the website, this could be a higher initial rental, refundable deposit or a guarantee, we also charge a slightly larger doc fee at £275 plus VAT. But you ill never pay more than the advertised monthly rental rate.

Who is behind 12-Month Car Lease?

Cocoon Vehicles Ltd is behind the hugely successful website. Established in 2007 by ex-dealership staff, the company has evolved into one of the main players in Short Term Car Leases.

Whilst Cocoon Vehicles isn’t the biggest in the UK, the fleet is capped to enable the team to provide the best possible customer experience and being family owned, we aim to be as fair as possible.

I have found cheaper 12 month car leases, why?

Contract Hire and Leasing is a very difficult market to compare prices. You have to make sure that you look at the total cost of the contract over the duration, the mileage and the initial rental.

Our standard payment profile is called a 3+11, this means that over the 12 month period, we effectively take 14 payments from you. 

Lots of leasing deals on the internet can be 9+23 (32 payments in total). More is explained in this useful article: What does 3+ mean when looking at contract hire?

Also keep an eye out for any hidden admin fees, processing charges or collection fees.

We make it clear that we charge a documentation fee but delivery in England and Wales is free. But we do charge for collection of the vehicle, if it is not replaced at the end of the contract.

Make sure that the mileage suits your requirements. There is no point in taking a 10k contract, if you will be doing 15k per annum, you’d then have to pay a large excess mileage bill.

What are the benefits of a 12-month car lease?

One of the key benefits to a 12-month car lease, is the flexibility. There are no lengthy 2, 3 or 4 year contracts and its ideal if your circumstances change.

Lets face it, a lot can happen in 12 months, let alone 2 or 3 years!

Also, by changing your car on a regular basis, you are also driving the latest environmentally tuned engines available. Technology in engines and cars, changes on a very regular basis.

You also get the following:

  • Flexibility in your contract
  • Less maintenance costs
  • Brand new car on a regular basis
  • Customer Service from family owned business
  • Options of shorter contracts or flexible 12 month car leases.

What happens at the end of the 1 year car lease?

Towards the end of the contract, a member of the team will contact you to discuss your options.

If you are sending your car back we will provide you with the de-fleet centre details, where you can return the car free of charge.

If you’d like for us to collect the car, we can quote you and you can decide if you’d like to take this option.

If you are replacing your vehicle with another, we will collect your old car at the same time.

When you return your car, all cars are subject to a walkaround inspection by the driver. All vehicles are subject to a more qualified appraisal and inspection and if there is any damage, this is what the final bill is based on.

I'm doing a few more miles than I thought, what do I do?

The majority of our 12-month car leases come with a generous mileage allowance, we can do adjustments at the start of the contract up to 2,000 miles per month on our fixed contracts and 6,000 miles per month on our flexible 12 month car leases.

If you have already taken the car out, please do call us. If we can do a mileage adjustment for you, mid-term, we will try our best.

Excess mileage is always slightly higher on shorter term car leases due to residuals, these rates are displayed on the website. 

Do you offer lower initial rentals?

Yes, we do offer lower initial rentals, by lowering the upfront payment, it makes your monthly rental a little higher.

You can put as little as one month down, this is calculated by adding the total cost of the contract together and dividing it by 14 and multiplying it by 12.

Call the team for information or quotations on our different payment profiles for 1 year car leases.

Do you provide insurance with a 12 month car lease?

We don’t currently provide insurance with any of our 12 month car leases, this is due to the cost of the policy and have found it is much cheaper for individuals or companies to insure the vehicles themselves.

All cars must be insured on a fully comprehensive insurance, however, we do accept fleet policies.

The vehicle can be driven by anyone named on the insurance, however they must be covered fully and not just third party.

We do have a list of recommended insurance companies who you can get in touch with.

How do I apply for a 12 month car lease?

Applying for a 12-month car lease is really easy, you can do this online at APPLY ONLINE or you can call or email the team who will send you over the link or a proposal form.

Our underwriting team are really quick and will ask for additional documents if required.



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